Carefree Skies (2021) feature/drama, comedy

After decades as the Golden Boy of the LA art world, Scott Douglas has lost his muse. Lack of focus, drinking and womanizing, he hasn’t painted anything new in years. The sudden arrival of a teenage daughter he’s never met presents a unique opportunity to solve his financial woes.

Paradigm (2021) feature/drama, suspense

A traditional anthology with a modern take. Three sci-fi stories woven together where science and philosophy intersect on the nature of reality.

Spare the Rod (2021) feature/action, suspense

The Gifting House (2021) short/sci-fi, drama

Two couples on vacation discover something is very strange with their AirBnB. They witness realities bend, horrors manifest, lives swap, and nightmares come true. They must push through the mania and uncover the mystery of what is real and what is The Gifting House.

Dwarf Fortress (2021) short/sci-fi, drama

A trio of college students hijack the world’s first quantum computer server room in an attempt to engineer predictions about humanity’s future for personal gain. When they unintentionally reveal the dark secrets of reality, they’re forced to make some very sinister decisions.